January 2, 2023
2 min read

Business as Usual


They don’t know it yet.

But your customers are waiting for you to think about them, in ways that they aren’t thinking about.

The idea goes beyond the products and services we sell in a business transaction.

It starts with a question.

“How can I serve my customers better”?

You’re an expert at what you do and the results don’t say otherwise.

But the stories your customers tell themselves might give you the insights you need to build a deeper connection
with the people you serve.

For example. A client of yours is stuck in traffic and can’t get to you before closing time to purchase your product.

Their anxiety won’t let up because they desperately need what you’re selling for tomorrow.

You phone them and offer the unexpected.

You may decide to meet them half way, or even go as far as delivering the product
directly to their home.

Do you have any ideas how this simple gesture impacts your customer?

You may have just gain a client for life.

The fun in business become apparent when we devise ways of creating solutions,
using our skillsets and resources, to amplify the experiences of our customers.

It’s “business as usual” when we constantly think about going the extra mile,
impressing upon them our commitments and promises that may very well improve the quality of their lives.

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