April 9, 2024
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Keep it Simple. Simple? Simple.


But less can be a lot to think about when it comes to designing a logo that is meant to identify your entire brand.

To set the stage, you’re attempting to communicate the intangible elements of your business using a single mark that stands the test of time and identifies your product and services, forever.

(At least, for the next 8 to 10 years).

Heavy stuff.

The thought isn’t as daunting as it sounds because by looking at only 4 basic elements of our logo, we can easily determine whether or not we’re on the right track.

Form, Colors, Concept, and Typography creates a checklist we can follow to measure the effectiveness of any logo.

Form consists of basic shapes. Circles, squares, hearts or rectangles.

Colors evoke specific emotions and are usually selected based on the personality and goals of the brand.

Concept follows a single idea (For example, love, leadership, cutting edge or authenticity. A focal point that will stand out and make it easier for your customers to be in touch with your brand.

When typography (selection and arrangement of fonts) comes into the picture, it sits to complement the existing elements and strike a balance.

By limiting the distribution of these four elements we can create a mark that is both distinct and versatile. Two of the main characteristics of a successful logo.

Here’s the rule of thumb.

Take each element, and limit its application to one or two.

For example, one or two shapes (form), one or two color applications, one or two typefaces (fonts) and one concept that creates a focal point.

A few logos that fit the bill are Coca Cola, Facebook, and FedEx.

Remember, simplicity is a result of the controlled elements and the execution of those details.

Simplicity does not mean minimal because then it becomes easy to create a logo that is generic and ineffective.

Your logo should not attempt to tell the entire story either, but designed with the sole purpose of reminding your customers of your promise and the experiences they have with your brand.

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Keep it Simple. Simple? Simple.

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