January 2, 2023
1 min read

Pay the Price


Would you say, that everything worth having comes at a price?

How about the free stuff?

Ironically, some might think “Yeah, definitely the free stuff”.

Imagine your to-do list. Six things, jotted down in your best hand writing screaming at you to take action. You’re committed to working on one task at a time, all the while, trying to silence the voices in your head.

Pulling you in all directions are the other million and one things you promised to complete.

But the multitude of “NO’s” it took for you to carve out that sacred time, was more than enough to give you the extra will, to succeed.

The job is done.

And we receive the invoice. There’s a line below that says “Thanks for your business” but, what was the price?

Look closely.

It’s dissected in rows and columns always too small to say.

The dollar sign pales in comparison to the value offered or the intangible sacrifices we make to serve the people that matter the most.

But... how much does it cost?

Another good question is, “Am I willing to pay the price”?

A better one? – “Will it be worth it”?

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