January 17, 2024
1 min read

Your Designer Won't Save You


When was the last time you stared at a heap of soil and expected a plant to grow instantly?

Outside of imagination, a seed must be sowed first, before we can receive a favourable outcome.

By identifying our purpose, ideas, and goals with our creative partners, we can increase the rate of receiving well-articulated work, through sound strategy and design.

A health practitioner is better equipped to provide sound solutions after reaching a clear diagnosis of her client.

“Who are you?”, “What you do?”, “Why you do it and Who you do it for?” is a recurring theme that sets the tone for “Where we are?” and “Where we must go?”.

We will need to answer these questions together, in hopes of having a promising start to a process that can only bear creative fruit.

Recent Notes

Keep it Simple. Simple? Simple.

Focus on ‘Inputs’

Your Designer Won't Save You

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