December 20, 2023
2 min read

In a World Full of Squares


If you haven’t read my blog post entitled “You Don’t Need A Logo”, spare a few seconds and have a quick read here.

Then, take a moment to observe your surroundings.

You may notice that most objects in your environment have a mark that conveys a certain look and feel.

But this mark is more than an identification tool.

It transforms the intangible into a simple device that communicates, instantly, the value, the quality, and promise of your product and service.

It’s basically magic.

Traditionally, a distinctive mark was used to note the origin of a person or object.

This enabled us to identify the correct associations that would help us “put a face to a name”.

But for a logo to be as powerful as it sounds, it needs to be designed to work.

It doesn’t only need to be simple and relevant, but your logo functions best when it’s versatile and distinctive.

The point here is to think function AND form.

How can you better highlight the quality in your products?

How can you stand out amongst other service providers in your industry?

Most importantly, how can we bring to mind the correct associations in the people we serve?

The answer is not found in designing a mark formed only to look good, but in one that functions well enough, to signal value and transcend boundaries.

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